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Paris 1937 - Exposition Internationale.

Paris 1937 - Exposition Internationale.
Paris 1937 - Exposition Internationale.


Publisher / Artist : BEAUDOIN - LODS 
Title : Paris 1937 - Exposition Internationale. 
Published : Paris, 1937 
Size : 1000 x 615mm. 
Colouring : In printed colours. 
Condition : Lithography in colours. Backed on linen. A few professionally restored missing areas reinforced and recoloured. Generally in good condition. 

Promoting poster for the International Exhibition of Arts and Techniques in Paris in 1937, made by Beaudoin - Lods and printed by Imp. Jules Simon. S.A. Paris, on behalf of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, this is the poster which won the first prize and which is the work of two architects Eugène Beaudouin and Marcel Lods, very magical with very subtle pastel tones we find in a night sky Paris inscribed by planes and silhouettes of buildings including the Eiffel Tower.

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