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Comparse des Cinq Quadrilles dans l'Amphitheatre.

Comparse des Cinq Quadrilles dans l'Amphitheatre.
Comparse des Cinq Quadrilles dans l'Amphitheatre.


Publisher / Artist : SYLVESTRE, I. 
Title : Comparse des Cinq Quadrilles dans l'Amphitheatre. 
Published : Paris, 1670 
Size : 530 x 750mm. 
Colouring : Uncoloured. 
Condition : A fantastic large engraving full of movement and detail. Upper margin cut short. Small worm trace in lower left and right hand corner filled in. 

An early and intriguing engraving recording one of the most celebrated and spectacular festivals held at Paris by the young Louis XIV. The multi-day tournament took place in front of the Tuileries, in a huge area today known as the Place de Carrousel.
Groups of costumed noblemen representing "Romans" (lead by the French King), "Persians," "Turks," "Indians" and "Americans" participated in games of skill.

This engraving was included as an illustration to a scarce work titled, "Courses de Testes et de Bagues Faittes par le Roy et par Les Princes et Seigneurs de sa cour En l'année 1662", written by Charles Perrault (French 1628-1703) Assistant Secretary and Advisor in matters relating to Arts and Sciences, Controller General of the Department of Public Works.
The book contained 7 engravings on double page plates drawn and engraved by Israel Silvestre the renown French draftsman, etcher and print dealer who specialized in topographical views and perspectives of famous buildings.
François Chauveau was entrusted with the 30 portrait engravings of the various actors.
This engraving shows the race ring and layout of the Quadrilles in the amphitheater, drummers, trumpeters, pages, horses, footmen, knights and squires.
The book was published as the tenth volume of the famous collection of prints known as the "Cabinet du Roi".

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