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La place de Louis Le Grand. (Place Vendôme)

La place de Louis Le Grand. (Place Vendôme)
La place de Louis Le Grand. (Place Vendôme)


Publisher / Artist : DE FER, N. 
Title : La place de Louis Le Grand. (Place Vendôme) 
Published : Paris, 1705 
Size : 245 x 333mm. 
Colouring : Uncoloured. 
Condition : Mint condition. Dark impression. Together with an engraved text page. 

Engraved view of the Louis Le Grand place, now-a-days Place Vendôme in Paris, together with an engraved text page, from Nicolas de Fer's "L'Atlas curieux ou le Monde réprésente dans des cartes. "

The "Atlas Curieux" is a geographic encyclopedia of images and a celebration of the French Empire under the Sun King, with maps of French possessions in the western hemisphere, maps of France, with detailed views of the grand waterworks at Marly, views of the great palaces and châteaux, views and plans of the Paris Observatory, and samples of military architecture. Issued in six annual parts from 1700-1705, the maps are based on the new observations of the Académie des Sciences, and drawn up with the assistance of Philipe de La Hire.

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