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Princesses Dollar, opérette en 3 actes.

Princesses Dollar, opérette en 3 actes.
Princesses Dollar, opérette en 3 actes.


Publisher / Artist : CLERICE FRERES 
Title : Princesses Dollar, opérette en 3 actes. 
Published : Paris, 1912 
Size : 545 x 385mm. 
Colouring : Coloured. 
Condition : Chromo lithography. In very good condition. Brown paper. 

French poster printed by 'les Ateliers Clérice'.
The Dollar Princess is a musical in three acts by A. M. Willner and Fritz Grünbaum (after a comedy by Gatti-Trotha), adapted into English by Basil Hood, it also had a very successful run on Broadway.

Charles Clérice (1860-1912), Justin Clérice (1863-1908), Victor Clérice (1880-?) And François Clérice (1882-?) all from the same family worked at "Atelier Clérice", who in the late nineteenth century, specialized in the production of musical posters.
The company was founded by Carlos Clérice, born in 1860 in Buenos Aires, eldest son of Victor Clérice (1823-1876), from Tournai-sur-Dive in Normandy, who owned a car factory in the Argentine capital.
When his father died in 1876, Carlos took charge of his family, including his brother Justin and his sister Elisa. He began studying music, which he abandoned to devote himself to drawing.
He collaborated with satirical periodicals such as El Mosquito (1863-1870) 1, and in 1879 he illustrated the first edition of José Hernández's La Vuelta de Martín Fierro, published by the Libreria del Plata in Buenos Aires. Part of the engravings are held at the Museo Histórico Nacional de Buenos Aires.

In 1882, after the birth of his children Victor and François, he moved to France, accompanied by his friend and colleague Brazilian illustrator Cândido de Faria (1849-1911). Carlos, who became Charles, and who signed his works "Ch. Clérice", set up an engraving workshop (lithogravure, copper engraving), and produced illustrations for books, magazines and comics. He joins his brother Justin, then his two sons, under the name "Clérice Frères". In addition to his work for many editions of popular novels, the signature of Charles Clérice appears regularly in the first editions of La Semaine de Suzette in the early 1910s. He died in 1912.

The posters are usually signed "Clérice Frères", and most of them are lithographs, that they were executed by a single person, namely, Victor Clérice3. As early as the age of 16, Victor made illustrations for the Journal des Voyages in the form of comic strips, a genre he pursues in various popular newspapers for youth. Victor and his brother François then published, among other things, a series of works for the Larousse publishing house (1931-1938). Regarding their production, more than 580 images have been listed to date.

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