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Chapeau de velours plain.. (2561)

Chapeau de velours plain.. (2561)
Chapeau de velours plain.. (2561)


Publisher / Artist : COSTUME PARISIEN 
Title : Chapeau de velours plain.. (2561) 
Published : Paris, 1827 
Size : 175 x 125mm. 
Colouring : In attractive original colours. 
Condition : Very light marginal spotting. With vertical fold, hardly notable. Very good condition. 

From Costume Parisien (1797-1839).
Paris was the capital for fashion innovation and design. After the final defeat of Napoleon, English and French fashions merged to close accord. What was in vogue in Paris would be worn by fashionable ladies in Vienna, Berlin, Rome and London. The hand-coloured French fashion engraving was responsible for filtering the new styles throughout the major cities of Europe and thus represented great wealth to the clothing industry of Paris. No expense was spared to commission talented engravers and colourists for these beautiful works of art.

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