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Nouvelle décoration de la foire S.Germain. [Paris].

Nouvelle décoration de la foire S.Germain. [Paris].
Nouvelle décoration de la foire S.Germain. [Paris].


Publisher / Artist : CHÉREAU, J. 
Title : Nouvelle décoration de la foire S.Germain. [Paris]. 
Published : Paris, ca. 1760 
Size : 220 x 348mm. 
Colouring : In attactive original colours. 
Condition : So-called optical print. Contemporarily cut on the neat line and margins extended, with a title in manuscript. The mirror-image engraved title still present in top. In good condition. 

Showing a street scene at Saint Germain in Paris.
J. Chereau was a publisher of optical prints, established in Paris, rue St.Jacques.
In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries there were many popular specialty establishments in Paris, Augsburg and London which produced optical viewing devices and special engravings to be viewed through them. In the 18th century the optical print or vue optique came into existence, whose exaggerated converging lines were intended to produce the optical illusion of deep recession. The viewing devices for which these perspective prints were produced consisted of a lens and a mirror, this requiring the use of reversed or mirror-image pictures.

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