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La Caricature. Yeux noirs, front haut. (Plate 391)

La Caricature. Yeux noirs, front haut. (Plate 391)
La Caricature. Yeux noirs, front haut. (Plate 391)


Publisher / Artist : DAUMIER, H. 
Title : La Caricature. Yeux noirs, front haut. (Plate 391) 
Published : Paris 1864 
Size : 201 x 274mm. 
Colouring : Uncoloured. 
Condition : Lithography printed on white wove paper without text on the verso. With flattened center fold. 

A man is sick and lying down on a bed while a doctor is examining him. This print most likely refers to the uprising in Lyon and Paris of April 9 to 14, 1834 and shows a presumably wounded revolutionary. The nurse as well as the King are turning away from him, thus showing no interest in the sufferings of the people.
Published in: La Caricature, May 29, 1834, published by Bauger, rue du Croissant 16 (lower left). Printed by Imprimeurs d'Aubert & Cie at Aubert, Place de la Bourse.
Text written by Alphonse Jean LAURENT-JAN (1808-1877) who was a journalist, writer and associate at the Charivari, where he wrote captions for Daumier’s lithographs. He was also a friend of Balzac.
Known chiefly as a political and social satirist, Honoré DAUMIER used the printmaking process of lithography, still relatively new at the time, to contribute cartoons and caricatures to French news weeklies.

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