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Oui à La France.

Oui à La France.
Oui à La France.


Publisher / Artist : IMPRIMERIE MARECHAL 
Title : Oui à La France. 
Published : Paris, 1968 
Size : 760 x 560mm. 
Colouring : Colour printed. 
Condition : Offset print. In very good condition. Several folds. 

Vintage Gaulist poster against May 68 events.
The events of May 1968, refer to a period during which student demonstrations take place in France, as well as general and wild strikes.

These events, triggered by a revolt of student youth in Paris, then winning the world of workers and most categories of population throughout the territory, constitute the largest social movement in the history of France in the twentieth century.

It is characterized by a vast spontaneous anti-authoritarian revolt ("here and now"), of a cultural, social and political nature, directed against capitalism, consumerism, American imperialism and, more immediately, against the Gaullist power in square.

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