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Réseau aérien mondial.

Réseau aérien mondial.
Réseau aérien mondial.


Publisher / Artist : PLAQUET / AIR FRANCE. 
Title : Réseau aérien mondial. 
Published : Imprimerie Perceval Paris, ca. 1940-1950 
Size : 1000 x 620mm. 
Colouring : In original lithograph colours. 
Condition : Very good condition. Overall very good. Bright colours. 

"Sur les ailes d'Air France, découvrez le monde à votre tour" lithograph poster from AIR France. A great mid century design by Air France advertising poster by Plaquet. The flying sea horse was the logo of the company until 1975. This is the French version.

The poster has always occupied a special place in Air France's communication. With a heritage of more than 1,500 posters by the most prestigious illustrators and artists, the Company has one of the richest collections in the world. AirFrance uses well-known posters like Savignac, Solon and Cassandre, for example, the Company also innovates by turning to recognized artists such as Cocteau, Mathieu, Brenet, Picart Ledoux or Vasarely.

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