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How selling works at Paris City Art

ParisCityArt makes getting your products in front of audience who Love Paris it's as simple as that. We focus on both our sellers and our customers, to ensure a wonderful experience throughout.

If you are a professional book, map or Art dealer and you want to add your items to the Paris City Art website please let us know. Setting up an account is easy and start selling your items today.

HOWEVER : Your items have to be genuine and authentic, as we do not accept reproductions, your items have to be in good condition, professionally described in English and French. Your items have to be well photographed and images delivered at minimum of 2000 pixels width.

With a few easy steps you will be ready to sell online with ParisCityArt.
1. Register with us - Read the Sellers terms and conditions carefully and when you agree submit your application. 
2. Provide a few details : - Once approved we will need some information from you including your store,  products and payment details.
3. Once you application is approved you will then be able to create your product listings. You may add descriptions and pictures electronically and we provide guidance.
4. Your are ready to sell!

Fee Policy
We do not charge you for registering with us as a Buyer or opening a store. We charge a transaction fee for each item which is listed on the Website and sold by you. Fees are payable even where you may have finalized the sale or received payment outside of the Website.

Our current fees are 10% when an item sells and when successfully delivered to the buyer. You will charge the buyer directly and are responsible for shipping fees charged to your client. Possible. Transaction fees charged by PayPal or your bank are on your account.

Our fees are invoiced at the end of the month and are payable by bank wire within 7 days.  However we may change our fees at any time,
Any changes will be published on the Website 30 days in advance of the change.

See our full Sellers Terms and conditions here >>>

Please contact us if you have any questions.
For all questions please contact us by phone +33 (0)6 22 14 47 73 or email and Marianne Hermann will respond instantly on all your questions.
Marianne is also able helping you with the photography and upload of your items.

Paris City Art
Marianne Hermann
31 rue deTolbiac, Paris 75013, France

Email.: [email protected]
tel. : +33 (0)6 22 14 47 73

Please contact Marianne Hermann if need help.
Marianne has been working in the field of communication and marketing for seven years and she obtained a degree in communication with a specialization in the cultural field. She will answer all you questions about Paris City Art website Last but not least selling art on the internet is photography. Marianne can make HR-images that make your items sell on the internet. Please contact Marianne at Below are a few samples.

air france
Marianne Hermann
world map
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