The painters and artists from Paris?????


Around 1850, independent artists met and met regularly in Montmartre, at the Guerbois café located avenue de Clichy (at the time, Grande Rue des Batignolles). The most famous impressionist painters will keep in the habit of meeting here: Bazille, Renoir, but also Claude Monet (who will settle in Giverny), not to mention Cézanne, Degas, or Pissaro, they all come here to talk about painting and remake the world. in a feverish atmosphere.

After the War of 1870 and the Commune, New Athens became the new meeting place for these painters who loved Montmartre. It is located at 9 place Pigalle, 75009 Paris. Degas sketched several clients there and his paintings became famous.

Another key name of the district, Paul Renoir. He moved into an old house in rue Cortot. You can become aware of what was life like by visiting the Montmartre Museum and the Renoir gardens. Then comes the turn of Van Gogh. The painter is influenced by the contact of other talented artists and marries in Montmartre a new look on the light.

Toulouse-Lautrec, known for his posters and drawings of the Moulin-Rouge, is in Montmartre like a fish in water. He rubs shoulders with colorful people such as the charming dancer called la Goulue, or even Valentin the Boneless. The twentieth-century of painters in Montmartre.

Picasso takes part in a real artistic revolution and becomes infatuated with the Butte. This is where he puts his brushes when he comes to Paris. In 1912, he even ended up settling in rue Ravignon, at number 13. His house was built of planks and was called the Bateau-Lavoir. He painted there in particular "the Demoiselles d'Avignon", an absolute masterpiece of the cubist movement.